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Top tips for healthy teeth in the summer holidays

Dental Hygiene Feb 19. 2023

With the school summer holidays upon us, it’s the season for day trips to the seaside, play dates and sunny (fingers crossed) visits to the park.

For those with little (or big ones) you may also be finding the fridge emptying faster than usual and hearing the cry of ‘I’m hungry’ more often!

Here are our top tips to keep teeth healthy during the holidays whilst allowing for a little indulgence and that long awaited ice cream at the beach!

Brush twice daily using fluoride toothpaste

  • Spit (don’t rinse) to let the fluoride work it’s magic
  • Opt for safe snacking throughout the day, choosing breadsticks, cheese, plain yogurt’
  • Tie in sweet treats with mealtimes reducing any damage caused to teeth

Making the right food choices is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Here are some excellent ideas:

Milk, yogurt and cheese are starts of the healthy teeth show! Packed with calcium phosphorus and casein these foods can neutralise acids produced by plaque bacteria promoting strong and healthy teeth.

Carrots and celery are crunch-tastic, working wonders to keep teeth clean just by eating! The fibre and water content in carrots and celery help to balance the mouth’s sugars.

Eggs are proven to an egg-cellent sources of protein, calcium and vitamin D, all of which are essential for maintaining good oral health.

So whether it is scrambled eggs (with some yummy melted cheese) for breakfast and carrots and hummus for snack time, you can make good food choices interesting for your little brushers ????.

Holidays are also an excellent time to arrange your children’s dental check ups so please do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange yours as we do still have some availability left throughout August and before school resumes in September. For more information get in touch.

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