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Root Canal Treatment

Dr John Maguire (Sean) has special interest in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) and is experienced in performing all types of root canal treatment including re-root canal treatment and micro-surgical root canal treatment.

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Our Root Canal Specialist

Dr. John Maguire
Principal Dentist
BChD Leeds MFDS RCS (Edin), MSc Endodontology

With over 20 years experience in general dentistry, in 2017 Sean gained a prestigious MSc in Endodontics from Chester University. Using the latest technology and materials Sean achieves excellent results in a calm, caring and patient focused environment.



Sean has a well established reputation in the local area and provides a referral service for Dentists in Yorkshire who wish to refer their patients for specialist Root Canal Treatment.

By providing Root Canal Treatment, Sean’s utmost aim is to try to save teeth and maintain their function. Whether that function is mainly aesthetic and key to a patient’s smile or fundamental to chewing or biting, we understand how important it is for patients to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible.

Sean’s focus on high quality treatment and determination to deliver the best outcome for patients anchors him at the forefront of modern treatment techniques and dental technology. Sean works with the aid of a microscope which enables him to view the internal anatomy of a tooth in great detail and complete treatment with absolute precision, both elements key to treatment success rates.


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RCT Patient Review:

After not being to a dentist for a number of years, I was pretty scared and not entirely sure what to expect. Everyone was amazing, and put me at ease the entire time - no-one was judgemental at all! Sean explained everything to me in detail. I ended up going back for root canal - which for some reason I always thought was horrible and painful. Sean was brilliant and kept checking in to make sure I was okay! Can't recommend him enough.

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Our Endodontic Services

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth. The aim of RCT is to save your tooth and allow you (and your teeth!) to function as normal day to day and most importantly, pain free!

Patients often present to us experiencing acute pain or tenderness when biting or chewing. There may also be some swelling around the infected tooth / gum. In some cases you may not have symptoms but if your tooth is infected, it cannot heal by itself.

RCT treats the chamber inside the tooth and the tooth’s roots.Within the tooth chamber / roots there is a soft tissue called ‘pulp’. RCT is required when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed and this can happen for a number of reasons such as cavities within the tooth or as a result of trauma.

During RCT the infected / inflamed pulp is removed and the inner chamber and roots of the tooth are carefully cleaned and prepared. The root space is then filled and sealed and restored with a bonded filling or crown.



Re-root Canal Treatment (Re-RCT)

Just in the same way that normal fillings may need to be replaced over time, on some occasions Root Canal fillings may also need to be replaced. There are a number of reasons why a Re-RCT may be necessary, it may be that the tooth previously root-filled never fully healed or more commonly, that the tooth becomes reinfected and painful once again. If this happens, it may be possible to perform the root canal treatment again (hence the term ‘Re-root’) and preserve the life of the tooth for longer. A re-treated tooth can go on to function as normal and have a good prognosis in the long term.


Micro-Surgical Root Canal Treatment

If we are unable to replace a previous root filling using the conventional ‘non-surgical’ approach we sometimes need to use a ‘surgical’ approach. Micro-Surgical Root canal treatment is used for a variety of reasons including treatment of damaged root surfaces that are not capable of being accessed via a non-surgical approach.

Micro-surgery is also very useful when treating teeth that have extensive crown and bridge work that we may not want to remove to provide treatment. Micro-Surgical treatment is not as daunting as it sounds and is no more painful than the other procedures described on this page.


Most teeth are capable of being root treated. The first stage of treatment is always a thorough consultation which includes a full clinical examination and x-rays. In rare cases the root canal system of the tooth may not be accessible however this is often achievable when using a microscope to aid visualisation. If a tooth does not have sufficient structure left to be restored, has a fracture to its root system or has insufficient bone, root canal treatment may not be the best treatment option. Alternative treatment options can be discussed at your consultation.
There are a few urban myths in circulation about Root Canal Treatment! Local anaesthetic is used for the procedure and patients are numb throughout - a root canal filling should be no more painful than a normal filling.
Typically we are able to perform treatment in one appointment but occasionally a second visit may be required.
As with all dental procedures there is no absolute guarantee about the treatment outcome. It is therefore important that suitability for treatment and success rates are discussed with each patient on an individual, case specific basis. We pride ourselves on being honest and open with our patients and would not embark on treatment if we felt there was not a good prospect of long term success. Sean maintains a high standard of clinical knowledge and is a member of the British Endodontic Society. As a practice we are committed to investing in the latest technology to aid success rates and longevity of any treatment provided. When performed by an experienced Endodontic practitioner using specialist equipment (such as a microscope), Root Canal Treatment has a very high success rate.
Most root-treated teeth will last a lifetime with proper aftercare. Following treatment, regular daily care is required to maintain good oral health and regular check ups are always recommended.
To increase tooth survival rates we would always recommend a coronal restoration (‘crown’) on molar teeth. The crown will act to protect the tooth and help restore full function.
Unfortunately the only alternative option to Root Canal Treatment is to have the problematic tooth extracted. There are however, a number of options available to replace the missing tooth including Dental Implants, fixed bridges or removable partial dentures. All of these treatment options allow patients to retain adequate function for chewing or biting and create an aesthetic solution where your smile is compromised. The choice between these options depends on the health of the surrounding teeth and gums and of course the patient’s desired outcome.

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